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Polish your weapons, put on your plate carriers and dedust your Ghillies!
On friday, 30.10.2020 you have to assault the northern tower of Stary Sobor!
We removed every traces of the last slaughter and added some defilades for you (and us) for new tactical moves.

The Player who first reaches the highest point of the tower (which will be marked with the Zombietoast-Flag) will be called as the winner and get access to a treasure chamber.
Whether you claims the loot for you or share it with other players is up to you.

You'll need your own fight equipment and tools for dismantling walls (hatchet, crowbar and so on).

While the event is running we'll add Event-Spawnpoints for dead players.
The Event starts 06:30 pm german time.


  1. The usage of helicopters is strictly forbidden.
  2. Players who group up with unknown players to form a team have the protection of general Server-Rule 1. 12):
    An arranged trade may not be used to trap or steal from another player!

The violation of the rules will result in a 7 days ban and the instant exclusion of the event!



USER EVENT: The hunting season is on!

The Erika clan is going to be hunted at 24th October at 21:00 (german time).
We cross the map with some very special loot.
How you find us? Watch „Operation_Erika“ on Twitch and follow our trail of smoke grenades which we deploy every 5 minutes. Or recognizes our fancy rainbow clothing style.
So come and streamsnipe us! (in this case its allowed :D)

You can win:

  • 1 Item, tradable for a car with the admin
  • 1 double gunrack
  • 1 gun cabinet
  • 1 military locker with doors
  • 1 clothing locker
  • 1 M82 Barett
  • 1 cartent
  • 20.000 Rubel




Disguise, decorate, sweets, scary stories, ghosts aaaaaaaaaaand... pumpkins!
We can't offer you everything. But at least you can find the pumpkins from now on.

Either the quick money right now and to take with you... oooor maybe collect, store and then exchange it? Hmm... which is your favorite choice?

You can collect until November 1st - 18:00 o'clock (german time).
After that you open a ticket (til 2nd November 18:00 o'clock) and show us a screenshot of your loot.
The one who has the most pumpkins at the end will get the prize!

1. Price : Custom Clothing Paket 1, 2 & 3
2. Price : Custom Clothing Paket 1 & 2
3. Price : Custom Clothing Paket 1



Character Wipe

On Thursday, the 15.10. at 18:00 o'clock (German time) we will wipe the chars on all Servers!

   What does that mean?
        • all characters will be deleted and you will spawn as a freshspawn at the coast
        • everything you carry with you will be deleted with it - so store everything in your base
        • the bases remain
        • vehicles remain
        • the bank account remains

The whole thing is used to fix errors and to clean up the databases once. It will be automatically done with the 18 o'clock restart. Maybe the restart will take a few minutes longer because of this - but after that it continues as usual.




Our "ZombieToast" project is existing since a few months now - and in that short time we have seen a lot of things: beautiful, funny, annoying, stressful, lovely (...)

A big THANK YOU to you, the community! Players who have been with us so far, will continue to be with us and also to those who are new to us.

We try to offer you a unique gaming experience, fulfill your wishes and grow with you together.
Everything is not possible, but this thing is:

This month we increase the maximum priority queue slots on server 1 by another 10 slots!


Money, Money, Money!

Finally we can announce the Distiller & Vodka producement!
A new and further method to get money.
You need a potato, sugar and an empty bottle and then you can go to one of the three places to produce the vodka & earn some money.




The Update 1.09 will come TOMORROW EVENING! :)

Bohemia has recently published the information.
hype hype hype

What does that mean?
Server Wipe of all of our servers. Yes... All servers. Yes.. Wipe, because the last one was over 10 weeks ago.

from 18:00 on your ingame bank accounts will be full  and there will also be some custom spawns.
So have some fun in the last hours! :)

Was ändert sich nach dem Wipe?
Server 1: nothing
Server 2: becomes a PvE Server
Server 3: nothing



Soon the new 1.09 update will be released. It doesn't bring many changes to the game, but a big one at ZombieToast.
We have been thinking for a long time about how exactly we do it and if we really should do it.
Now the time has come: we take a risk into the PvE scene!

Besides our PvP and expansion server, there will be a fresh PvE server for you with the next update.
We have already set up the basic concept. The finer details will follow in the next days.
And the best part? As a community you have the chance to take part and share your wishes and worries.

So if you are curious and want to find out more or want to get involved, you can pick up the Role in our Discord.


ZombieToast Cleaner

DayZ creates many files and trash on your PC. This can cost a lot of disk space and can also lead to problems.

Solution?  ZombieToast Cleaner!


It scans your folder containing these files and will delete them for you.

Hier downloaden





Finally we can publish our update!

As always there are some fixed and small changes.
But that's not everything this time..
A new T4 Military area, upgrades at the NWA, a new Black Market and some new Custom Buildings are now live on our servers.

The new zones offer you new base locations, new loot locations, new PvP spots and new areas to explore and enjoy.

So check it out!